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Solutions : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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Bizware is a forward thinking innovative software Data Warehouseing company offering software services and business consulting services to help you achieve your goals.   Our solutions are high quality, technologically sound, and practical for implementation and use.  One of the top software companies globally, we are committed to you.


BizWare Data Warehouse “SDM”

Sales  Data Managment (SDM) mission is to support Life Sciences Company in having full control over its wholesalers. Wholesalers are responsible for sales of Life Sciences Company products. Life Sciences Company is one of the biggest medical companies all over the world. It has affiliates all over the world.

Medical companies sell its products through distributors. Life Sciences Company need to manage their distributors to reduce the number of expired products. SDM mission is to help Life Sciences Company.


BizWare Data Integration

BizWare Data Integration is an business-class software program that is designed to utilize and combine  ANY  data, or application, at any location.   A combination of  process pivotal  services through  (SOA) based approach with partner and application integration,  that  quickly automates data flow.

Data Integration is a  user friendly  solution, web-based,  allowing the customer to  integrate dissimilar information sources, databases and software applications, within a company and across  many types of custom data sources. These integration data flows can be in place and running within a very short amount of time.

You can schedule your update, run immediately or offline.  Or use email to enhance an automatic  upload  and generate unlimited number of mapping files  .


BizWare Self Alarming  BI Mersal

First system that send emails and SMS of occuring changes from any data base in the comapny.

This allows for authorities in the cmpany to instantly be aerted of system changes and make speedy decsions regarding them.  Seds up the work process and the entie system.  It works with any email server and any database and included a day of training  with our software company and a user manual.


Sales Incentive Mangment  “SIM” 

Sales incentive Application “SIM” Incentive Calculation Module (ISM) will produce an automated system for calculating incentives ISM produce ranking monthly and incentives will calculated and approved in an automated and secured way, Medicla companies sell their products through medical reps.  This sytem automates the incentive and give them nore motivation to sell.  Automation allows for proper record keeping and crediting the proper rep.


You can depend all of our solution and software service to help you get achieve your goals.


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