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Our Partners : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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BizWare is an innovative software company and business consulting company offering technological solutions for practical application in order to help businesses efficiently store and transfer data and increase revenue.

To provide competitive  top-quality software services,  we value our people and the contributions they make and also consider our partners paramount to the success of our business.
Bizware provides large varieties of professional services to cover all aspects of the any Information Technology network, our main solutions are

Business Analytic (BA),

Financial Performance Management

BI & FPM (IBM Cognos) Cognos is Business Analytic (BA) and Financial Performance Management, Business analytics capability that everyone can use in a workspace that sharpens individual skills to answer key business questions.

Cognos Business Analytic (BA)

Cognos planning& Budgeting

Cognos TM1

Bizware applies its smart sourcing methodology An IBM Advance Business Partner With us, you have a dedicated, provider of all of your IBM software service requirements including  software orders, expert services, maintenance renewals, hosting assistance, and training & mentoring.

As a an authorized IBM Software Reseller under the Software Value Plus program, Bizware will provide the latest in technology products at great prices,

Ultimus Business Process Management Software (BPM Software)

Taking the more structured approach in which work-flow automation is only a part of the puzzle.  Business Process Management Software uses a dashboard  deliver superior visibility and control at a higher level into the process, as it integrates work-flow, with various applications, technologies, and human-related tasks across all possible boundaries
BPM Software Suite takes automated work-flows to the next level and optimizes them to make them consistently stronger and more efficient.  It includes a variety of utilities to make your business operate smooth and smart :

• Process Defining and Modeling

• Workflow Automation

• Process Management and Analysis

• Process Optimization

• Business Intelligence

• Activity Monitoring

It is through the help of the innovative and quality partnerships Bizware maintains that we can be one of the best software companies to assist with finding solutions that are practical and successful.

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