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Welcome to Bizware : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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Welcome to Bizware International. We are an innovative data Warehousing development Company and a service provider for business software & performance management solutions.

Founded in 2005, we have been a business solution provider Comprehensive business and technology expertise and highly experienced personnel allow systems to deliver innovative business solutions in the areas of business solutions and business analytics.

Bizware as IBM business partner of Business analytics area help clients to drive measurable performance, improve risk awareness, and quickly adapt to changing market conditions – with applied analytics solutions specifically for your line of business. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to align with corporate strategy, maximize performance, and steer your teams to generate maximum business value, Leverage solutions that support your specific line of business.

Software buyers may think that vendors overhype visibility as a benefit of analytics,

Bizware found that, in fact the highest-ROI analytics deployments made data more available to decision makers and enabled them to find ways to increase revenues or reduce costs.  Bizware found analytics enabled improved visibility in three areas:

Revenues.  The more managers knew about what customers where buying and why, the better able they were to accelerate sales cycles, cross sell, and maximize pricing.

Gross margin.  By serving up highly granular data on costs of goods sold, analytics applications helped decision makers identify the highest margin products so that they could push the right products and increase gross profit

Expenses.  Operating costs were also important.  The more managers of cost centers and lines of business learned about their operating costs as a result of an analytics deployment, the better able they were to reduce or eliminate expenditures that were unnecessary or generated low returns.

Our vision is simple to deliver the highest quality technology consulting services available. Bizware International’ focus is on the customers; listening to their issues, business problems and assessing their needs, we then come up with innovative solutions such as:

Business Intelligence

Financial performance management

Business Integration

Infrastructure Management

Custom Application Development


Data warehouse business solutions

Bizware International provides services for companies all over the globe, and we specialize in servicing industries such as Life Sciences, food and beverage, retail and manufacturing.

Bizware keeps its clients ahead of the curve, in such packages as Microsoft, IBM Business analytics solution, ULTIUMS PBM and much more. We design, develop and implement customized solution, data warehouse solution, Business performance management, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboards, Scorecards, and Predictive Analytics for each of our clients, throughout every level of the organization.

Our software solutions, business analytics experts are among the highest rated in the industry.

We also have Data Management and Data Warehousing consulting services, along with customized Application Development across numerous industries including construction, pharmaceutical, direct marketing, manufacturing, and healthcare.


The usage of multiple-complex systems in place, exponentially growing disparate and distributed data, coupled with enhanced user expectations has made performance an important agenda.

Predictive Analytics

Organizations expect value-added insights through analytics, and they expect the insight to be usable for reliable decision-making.

Data Integration

Integration of data, based on agreed taxonomy and keeping the system relevant, clean and usable.

If are you  looking for a data Warehousing company that can assess your needs, and implement a business solution that is right for you, look no further than Bizware International. Our motto is “It’s all about the data,” which captures the essence of what we do and how we help. Not only will we customize a solution that suits your needs, we’ll show you how you can increase your profits and lower your expenses.

Our team of Business Analysts has extensive experience and certifications in quantitative fields of study and they bring cross-functional and cross-industry knowledge that is second to none. Areas of expertise include Business Analytics and Data Warehouse Solution, business process management, Business Process management, Consultant services and much more.

Besides a wide array of in-house solutions, Bizware also provides comprehensive solutions through strategic alliances with leading business and technology organizations in the world.

Contact Bizware International today and discover how their knowledge and expertise can help you and your business.


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