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IBM : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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BizWare is an innovative software company and business consulting company offering technological solutions for practical application in order to help businesses efficiently store and transfer data and increase revenue.

To provide competitive  top-quality software services,  we value our people and the contributions they make and also consider our partners paramount to the success of our business.
Bizware provides large varieties of professional services to cover all aspects of the any Information Technology network, Bizware provides large varieties of professional services to cover all aspects of the any Information Technology network, therefore Bizware decided  join one of the world wide industry solutions leader.

With IBM award winning technology at your fingertips, you now face the challenge of integrating powerful solutions into your business as quickly as possible. IBM Software Services’ skilled, knowledgeable consultants can help you successfully implement your solutions, maximize the value of your investment, and address your critical business needs.

Bizware as IBM partner provied  Software Services consultants have broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills and best practices expertise. Rely our consultants to integrate your new solution as quickly as possible. our consultants have close relationships with IBM development labs to ensure you have access to the latest technologies over the life of your project.


Analytics software helps your organization better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes. You can achieve breakthrough results and outperform your competition.

Business analytics helps your organization recognize subtle trends and patterns so you can anticipate and shape events and improve outcomes. Not only can you drive more top-line growth and control costs, you can also identify risks that could derail your plans – and take timely corrective action.

IBM business analytics software uniquely enables your organization to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. You can:

Tap into all types of information

Empower people in all roles to explore and interact with information and deliver insights to others

Optimize all types of decisions – whether they’re made by individuals or are embedded in automated systems — using insights based on analytics

Provide insights from all perspectives and time horizons – from historic reporting to real-time analysis to predictive modeling

Improve business outcomes and manage risk, now and in the future

Business Analytics Capabilities

Business intelligence

Harness the data explosion, meet your organization’s needs for flexible business intelligence deployment options and satisfy user expectations with powerfully simple analytics you can’t outgrow, make better and smarter business decisions faster with IBM solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level. IBM innovations in business intelligence can enable more people with broader analytics capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information necessary to drive your business forward. IBM business intelligence products are designed to integrate with one another, so you can start addressing your most pressing BI needs almost immediately with the confidence that you can grow your solution over time to meet future requirements.

  • Reporting

Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content.

  • Analysis

Explore your BI data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios, modeling and more.

  • Scorecards

Successfully monitor performance with the scorecard capabilities of IBM business intelligence

  • Dashboards

Monitor, measure and manage corporate performance at a glance with dashboards.

  • Mobile

Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the road.


  • Performance management   

Organizations need the very best tools and disciplines to drive profitable growth, address regulation and risk. IBM performance management solutions enable you to:

Track performance against corporate objectives to identify performance gaps, and perform “what-if” scenarios to assess alternatives

Replace rigid budgets with continuous planning and more frequent forecasting

Link financial and operational plans through driver-based models.

Ensure the quality and accuracy of financial numbers for timely, sustainable regulatory compliance, including IFRS and XBRL-tagged reporting.

Improve financial processes and controls, especially in the final stages before disclosure.

Connect key financial processes to core business analytics capabilities

  • Planning, analysis and forecasting
  • Profitability modeling and optimization
  • Financial close management
  • Clarity 7
  • Cognos Controller
  • Cognos Enterprise
  • Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Cognos Mobile
  • Cognos Real-time Monitoring
  • Cognos TM1
  • Cognos Enterprise Data Management
  • Cognos Business Viewpoint
  • Cognos for Microsoft Office
  • Cognos Financial Statement Reporting
  • Cognos Insight
  • Cognos Planning


  • Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics helps your organization predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. IBM offers easy-to-use predictive analytics products that meet the specific needs of different users and skill levels from beginners to experienced analysts.

With predictive analytics software from IBM, you can:

Uncover unexpected patterns and associations from all data within your organization and develop models to guide front-line interactions.

Prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful new products, improve operational efficiency, and identify and minimize fraud and risk.

  • Customer Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Threat and Fraud Analytics
  • Cognos Statistics
  • IBM SPSS® Statistics
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • IBM SPSS Data Collection
  • IBM SPSS Decision Management


  • Analytic applications

BM Cognos® Analytic Applications are packaged business analysis and reporting solutions that provide line-of-business professionals with actionable, cross-functional insight drawn from information locked in ERPs and other data sources.

This powerful business analysis software offers organizations an integrated view of performance across business functions and departments. With easy-to-consume dashboards and interactive reporting, business users at all levels can quickly get the insight they require, driving smarter decisions and outcomes better aligned with business strategy.

And because Cognos Analytic Applications are built on the open, enterprise-class IBM Cognos Platform, they connect seamlessly with your existing data systems to provide a unified view of performance. The result is continuous, relevant reporting and business analysis with a low total cost of ownership.

ICognos Workforce Performance

Packaged reporting and analysis on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance and compensation

  • ICognos Workforce Performance

Packaged reporting and analysis on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance and compensation.

  • Cognos Financial Performance General Ledger Analytics

Packaged reporting and analysis for general ledger, accounts receivables and payables.

  • Cognos Customer Performance Sales Analytics

Packaged reporting and analysis that measures sales productivity and performance

  • Cognos Consumer Insight
  • Cognos Customer Performance Sales Analytics
  • Cognos Financial Performance General Ledger Analytics
  • Cognos Financial Performance Payables Analytics
  • Cognos Financial Performance Receivables Analytics
  • Cognos Supply Chain Performance Procurement Analytics
  • Cognos Workforce Performance
  • Cognos Workforce Performance Talent Analytics Cognos Supply Chain Performance Procurement Analytics.
  • Cognos Workforce Performance
  • Cognos Workforce Performance Talent Analytics

Bizware applies its smart sourcing methodology An IBM Advance Business Partner With us, you have a dedicated, provider of all of your IBM software service requirements including  software orders, expert services, maintenance renewals, hosting assistance, and training & mentoring.

As a an authorized IBM Software Reseller under the Software Value Plus program, Bizware will provide the latest in technology products at great prices.


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