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Your Business Intelligent Partner

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Bizware Consulting Business Services:

Our innovative on software Consulting Business services focus on helping clients collect and analyze external and internal data to generate value for their organizations.

Bizware focuses on providing your organization with the necessary skill sets to ensure your BI initiatives are successful, and also puts a premium on providing your team members the education and expertise needed to sustain and advance your current and future initiatives. It’s estimated that only 20% of business users actually utilize their BI offerings in a proactive manner.

Our services focus on helping align your current challenges with the best in industry methodology, and provide the real world expertise to ensure business user adoption.

To achieve this goal, our philosophy at Bizware is that you are not just working with a particular individual, but with the collective knowledge of all our consultants to support your efforts. As an organization we strive to foster a sense of communication between your organization and ours, as well as among each of our consultants. This approach ensures that you can expect a level of technical knowledge critical to providing the services outlined in the requirements, as well as a broad perspective on the many facets of your BI implementation. We will not consider a project complete until the client is successful. Simply put, we measure our achievements by the 97% success rate our clients have enjoyed over the last 12 years and the countless clients that have invited us back to assist with additional initiatives.


Implementation: We provide professional implementation, installation of business analytics Software.

Training: We help our customer by giving training for administrators and End users, to help them use all capabilities and features needed to work later on these products

Support: We provide our customers with technical support and troubleshoot solving.

This helps you in considering the impact that implemented solutions will have on all of your resources. We help you monitor your business process in real time by providing visual display of the process status.

  • Use predictive models and association rules to determine which group of products work best for which customers.
  • Analyze customer, product, market and channel profitability to optimize customer service and financial performance, including better management of trade spend.
  • Manage new product introductions and line extensions to protect and grow market share.
  • Drive an effective sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to integrate demand, supply and financial plans.
  • Manage product demand by customer and SKU for more accurate forecasts.
  • Use predictive models to improve recruitment and optimize staffing decisions.
  • Monitor key workforce measures such as headcount and turnover, demographics, compensation
  • Develop timely, reliable forecasts, budgets and plans.
  • Set measure and monitor key performance metrics based on standard financial statements.


Business Intelligent

Business has become more competitive, and organizations of all types are being asked to do more with fewer resources while making more insightful and strategic decisions in all areas. At their core, Business Intelligence (BI) systems are built to

Predictive Analytics

In today’s rapidly changing information landscape, organizations are bombarded with ever increasing amounts of data. The challenges of correlating actions from this mountain of information have increased exponentially with its volume. Predictive analysis.

Data Warehousing

It’s no secret that today companies live on their data, and are producing more of it than ever before. And the data is being produced by a myriad of systems, inside and outside of the organization, in a dizzying array of formats. Data warehousing

Enterprise Planning

In today’s challenging business environment, it’s more important than ever for your organization to develop a plan for success, and then to communicate, track, and execute against that plan. While this is fundamentally a simple concept, it is much more…

Project Managment

Managing a BI project can challenge even the most seasoned project manager. Due to the scope and wide range of interests and agendas, project managers often have to deal with very disparate technical and business goals, interests, and personnel.

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