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Bizware Business analytics : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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Bizware is an innovative software provider company and business consulting company offering technological solutions for practical application in order to help businesses efficiently store and transfer data and increase revenue.

To provide competitive  top-quality software services,  we value our people and the contributions they make and also consider our partners paramount to the success of our business.

The combination of analyzing business needs and understanding the capabilities of all of the IBM Cognos BA components is crucial to the success of a business analytics effort. The Bizware, with highly experienced and IBM certified BA consultants, will work with your organization to design and implement high-level, custom, complex and dynamic solutions to extend your BI initiatives and maximize your ROI. We will not only deliver software solution that meet your business needs but also provide fully customized training, based on your own business data, to bring your IT staffs and business experts to the next level. Our goal is to put all the BA functionality and expertise in your hands to ensure that future sustainment and strategic initiatives can be implemented successfully.

Bizware as IBM Advanced Business Partner provides large varieties of professional services to cover all aspects of the any Information Technology network, our main solutions in business analytics era are

Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is an integrated business intelligence suite that provides a wide range of functionality to help you understand your organization’s data. With solutions that extend from reporting to statistical analysis, Cognos Business Intelligence helps support the way organizations think, work and collaborate as they search for the answers to three questions: How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing?

Financial Performance Management

IBM Cognos® Financial Performance Management (FPM) solutions can free the office of finance from the burden of manual, spreadsheet-based processes with powerful capabilities to the meet the complex needs of any finance organization. IBM Cognos FPM solutions allow organizations the ability to automate their close, consolidate & reporting processes; perform driver-based budgeting & planning, ‘what if’ scenario modeling & multidimensional profitability analysis; in addition to automating their internal management reporting and external regulatory reporting.

IBM Cognos TM1®

IBM Cognos TM1 capabilities span personal, functional, and enterprise requirements for planning, analysis and reporting to help Finance drive timely decision-making. Cognos TM1 raises planning and what-if analysis to new levels of responsiveness. It ties Finance to operations to help uncover new business options, increase profits, and manage capital effectively. And it facilitates dynamic planning, forecasting and profitability analysis.

IBM Cognos ® Financial Statement Reporting (FSR)

IBM Cognos® FSR automates the creation and delivery of management reports as well as external regulatory disclosures (including XBRL). Cognos FSR eliminates the risks inherent in spreadsheet based processes and activities – adding integration, controls, automation and audit trail to ensure data integrity and enhance governance in daily finance and accounting processes.

IBM Cognos Controller

IBM Cognos Controller is financial consolidation software that supports the complete, close, consolidate, report process – all in one solution managed by the office of finance. Automate and accelerate you close process with a full suite of financial consolidation software designed for finance users. Deliver complete financial results, create financial and management reports, and provide the CFO with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.

IBM Cognos® Planning

IBM Cognos Planning is an enterprise planning software that helps organizations develop budgets and forecasts faster and more efficiently. Cognos Planning gives organizations the ability to create, compare & evaluate business scenarios; analyze conditions, drivers, rates & assumptions and use best practices such as, driver-based planning and rolling forecasting to quickly determine resource requirements, assess operating performance and predict future business results.

IBM Cognos Enterprise

IBM Cognos Enterprise meets the needs of the business, finance and IT with powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management solutions that support all business decisions – organization wide. Cognos Enterprise helps users freely explore information, analyze key facts, quickly collaborate to gain alignment with key stakeholders and plan and act with confidence to drive better business outcomes. With Cognos Enterprise, everyone is equipped with what they need to help your organization outperform, including reports, analysis, statistics, dashboards, what-if analysis, plans, budgets and more

SPSS Predictive Analytics Solutions

With SPSS predictive analytics software, you can predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.

IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment. With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.

Cognos Insight

Create custom dashboards and applications on the desktop

IBM® Cognos® Insight is a personal analytics solution that empowers users to independently explore, analyze, visualize and share data without relying on IT for assistance. In minutes, analysts and line-of-business managers can create and share custom applications, dashboards and visualizations to help solve individual and workgroup challenges,IBM Cognos Insight delivers outstanding data interactivity, analysis and visualization capabilities to individual desktop users.

IBM Business Analytics software delivers data-driven insights that help organizations work smarter and outperform their peers.

This comprehensive portfolio includes solutions for business intelligence,

predictive analytics and decision management, performance management, and risk management. Business Analytics solutions enable companies to identify and visualize trends and patterns in areas, such as customer analytics, that can have a profound effect on business performance.

They can compare scenarios, anticipate potential threats and opportunities, better plan, budget and forecast resources, balance risks against expected returns and work to meet regulatory requirements.

By making analytics widely available, organizationscan align tactical and strategic decision-making toachieve business goals. For further information.

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