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History : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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We had a vision to provide the highest quality technology and business consulting services, and so in 2006, Bizware was founded as a software company and consulting service provider.

Since 2006 , as a software house and consultant services, with a focus on business need,

Bizware has become a software service provider for business solutions, specialized in the sector of  food and beverage, life sciences, retail and manufacturing .

Serving companies in Egypt, MEA globally and  solving customers’ business problems with technology solutions by providing expert consulting services and high-value technology.   Bizware focuses on the customer’s needs, listening to his issues and challenges, and finally meets these challenges with solutions, services, and resources.

As our company has grown we have added experts in innovation and support to keep our clients one step ahead  on Microsoft, IBM (BA) and financial analytics, ULTIUMS PBM solutions and many more products & technologies.

We specialize in the design & development and also the implementation of the custom solutions, application of Pocket PC, or any other practical web-based applications used throughout the business. As a company we specialize in Client Server Application; Web based programming, Workflow, database development, Reporting Services and Business Intelligent.  With continued growth and success we are now able to offer,  Data Warehousing and Management consulting services along with Application Development  customized for clients across a wide variety  industries including pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, direct marketing, healthcare, life sciences,retail and financial services.

“It’s all about the data”  embodies  what our experience over the years has shown  us.  Handling data more accurately can have an impact on businesses bottom line. We help companies reduce expenses and increase revenue  through improved data collection, reporting, and analysis. Experts in Business Analysis, we have provided solutions for an ever  growing  list of clients across numerous  industries.

We have proven to be a solution provider you can count on.  Come with us to the future as we become one of the software services and business consulting, software companies in the world.

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