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Bizware Data Warehousing : Bizware

Your Business Intelligent Partner

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Bizware is a forward thinking innovative software Data Warehouse solutions company offering software services and business consulting services to help you achieve your goals.

Our solutions are high quality, technologically sound, and practical for implementation and use.  One of the top software companies globally, we are committed to you.

Today the real grow up business it’s the company  data and perfermance more than ever before.

The data is being produced by a galore source, inside and outside of the organization, in many different of formats, Our data warehousing solution provides the functional specifications  for many other uses as well.

The data warehouse has become the source of consistent, accurate and reliable updated data or information for the entire enterprise. It is the “go to” source for:

Data Integration

Data upload from inside out side firm source

Consolidation of Multiple Sources

Additional Sources and External Data

Executive reporting

Generated Data (budgets, forecasts, and quotas, incentive,…)

A data warehouse is not simply an accumulation of important data, it has to be managed, cataloged, validated, indexed, and otherwise made suitable to become the basis foundation of corporate information.

The Challenges

The challenges to developing a high performance data warehouse are considerable and range from the very technical (storage architecture) to the business oriented definition of business key terms.


Just some of the questions which will arise are:

How to manage data independence from originating systems and location?

Storage of foundation data vs. query data?

Response times: what is adequate and how to provide this?

What is the expected mix of workloads between shorter, tactical queries and longer, strategic queries, and how best to manage this?

Normalized or de-normalized database structures?

What ETL methods should we use ?

Extracting data from outside sources

Transforming it to fit operational needs (which can include quality levels)

Loading it into the end target (database or data warehouse)

How best to manage the flow of data, along with cleansing and validation?

What  tables are needed?

How can we keep the data flowing, while keeping business users intervention  to a minimum?

How will we know the data is correct?


The Solution

While the design issues around data warehouses are complex, they don’t need to be overwhelming. Our approach is to begin with the business requirements (current and future), and let business value drive the technical design decisions.

In today’s business environment, Furthermore, We can deliver a data warehouse that is optimized for business consumption.

To build the foundation on which all further analysis is based, it’s vital the data is complete, validated, and structured for proper access by the BI tools. In addition, the appropriate ETL, data cleansing, and meta data tools and processes need to be identified.

Bizware provides you with an end-to-end solution of your information flow, from gathering and cleansing, all the way to the boardroom.

Our experienced consultants and data experts can provide you with services such as:

Data Extraction Expertise

Technical and Architecture Design

Database and Data application Assessment

Database Design.

Datawerhousing Services (management and coordination, documentation, master data management.

Data Storage Suitability Assessment

Data Readiness Assessment for Business Intelligence

Data and Process Optimization

Project Management



BizWare Data Warehouse “SDM”

companies that sale its products through sales force , distributers (Wholesaler).

need to manage their distributers to reduce the number of sales processes for products. SDM mission is to help company affiliates in managing their distributers. Distributers should update  affiliate with their sales and the affiliate should use consolidated data to help decision making It provides a collaborative, programming-free process modeling & development environment, and flexible integration, powerful management tools, and easy to use Web interfaces for Managing Data , using BI TechnologyTo enhance  Reports  capabilities  and  Build  KPI of  Sales  and  Marketing .


The Sales Data Manager(SDM)   Suite allows  Compnany to manage  ,  integrate  and Consolidate  Sales  Data in One  application To Build Reporting  model, which Enhance  decision Support System :

Providing an Open, Scalable Architecture for Sales Data Manager(SDM)  uses a scalable, open, and reliable. The architecture is based upon a Microsoft .NET foundation and leverages industry-standard and powerful enterprise computing technologies, including Web Services and XML.

•          Distributors

•          Product

•          Customers

•          Sales

•          Stocks

•          Target

•          Budgets.

  • Shortest Time to Value In competitive shootouts, we consistently prove that Sales Data Manager (SDM ) Integrate Data processes can be built, deployed, and modified faster with SDM  than with any other product.
    • Adaptive Discovery – We are the only firm with it—taking rules engines beyond where they are today allowing you to modify processes on the fly, deploy sooner and accelerate ROI
    • Specialized  We Specializing in Pharmaceutical  and retail Sales Data Mangment
    • Flexible We provide a wide variety of ways to implement various functions to integrate with systems and engage users. Most new features are based on customer requests.
    • One local environment in the affiliate

Providing an Open, Scalable Architecture for Sales Data Manager(SDM)  uses a scalable, open, and reliable. The architecture is based upon a Microsoft .NET foundation and leverages industry-standard and powerful enterprise computing technologies, including Web Services and XML.


  • Speed: Generates Sales Data Reports & Integration in Minutes while it was SeveralDays.
  • Accurate: Accurate Data and Validations.
  • Consolidate: Mapping all customers and products of all Whole sellers with Data Related to Bristol-Myers Squibb Database.
  • Savings: Investment Documentation –
  • Error Reduction: Human Resources – Data entry errors in 20% of incidents driven to 0
  • Productivity: Allow  Business User to invest their  time  in Analyzing Data Rather than Creating Reports
  • Visibility: Allow visibility of data according to Authorization of users.




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