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Bizware Cash Planner : Bizware

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Bizware Cash Planner

Posted by admin November - 5 - 2013 Comments Off

Our innovative on software Consulting services focus on helping people realize and solving their problems and share our experiences.

Bizware Cash Planner  (FREE download )
An easy way to plan your personal cash flow. Plan your monthly Expenses and Income, and compare them to actuals.

Cash Planner is a simple budget planning application developed for individuals and small businesses to help them plan their financials.

Cash Planner helps user to plan his annual expenses & incomes on monthly bases, and therefore provide the monthly cash flow plan. Cash planner also let the user register his actual expenses/income and provide actual vs. planned trends.

Cash Planner also provides the facility to customize users’ income/expense list, to help the user personalize the lists according to his needs.

Cash Planner is very essential for those who believe in planning their resources as well as lives. It helps user know the hard times and how to plan for them. It also provides a visual overview for the flow of his cash along the year and moreover provides insights on how successful are those plans.

All you need to assess your monthly income & List your fixed expenses and let us offer the best solution Bizware using IBM Cognos Insight as a free  personal analytics solution that empowers users to independently explore your income and expense without relying on IT for assistance and provides all the necessary functionality for the management of personal finances

IBM Cognos Insight delivers outstanding data interactivity, analysis and visualization capabilities to individual desktop users.

In a minutes download, install and start your smart steps to budget and plan for your financial transaction.

1 -Download IBM Cognos Insight Personal Edition software for free.

2 -Download Bizware Cash planner tool and find out how simple it is to use our innovation.

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